Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shopaholic Thursday! I'm an Etsy Night Owl!

You know what I do when I can't sleep? 
I shop Etsy!  Yup, I'm an Etsy Night Owl! 

 Chubby little hand painted porcelain owls, 'Excessively Sweet'.
Buy -  $202 Sweet Excess

This serious little guy keeps his sense of humor
with horn rimmed glasses... that move! 
Buy $74 - Lychee Kiss 

Want an owl with a sparkle in its eye? Bling! 
Buy $51 - Jamie's Jewels

Ohhhh..... Proper Dandy Cufflinks..... LOVE! 
With no less than Swarovski Crystal eyes!
Buy $45 - Cosmic Firefly

Picasso would be proud! 
Buy $38 - Wire Storm Creations

Blue Ceramic Owls..... What a Hoot! 
Buy $14 - Just a Girl 27

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