Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Viva La Chic!!!!

Love, love, love Viva La Chic!  This Etsy shop is full of surprises... so its perfect for me.  I need these little Kissing Sparrows hanging out on my collarbone.....  Light bulb! They would be fab with a chocolate fitted tweed jacket and vest... and of course jeans (I am an American... shrug).
Note to self: keep eye out for chocolate jacket and vest for fall.
.... And then, on my very creative days.... when I wake up, feeling like a *Lolita Goth, Harajuku girl, I can tie on this very modern Victorian rose necklace, and a very simple black get-up....  I may feel Harajuku, but I never go all out.  I get it, but its all to to girly for me. 
It's AMAZING to be able to buy both of these pieces in the same shop. 
  Viva la Viva La Chic!

 If you look up Goth Harajuku Girl in the dictionary, this picture will be there.

This blurb and pic is from Mooky Chic, ... need some extra inspiration, check out Mooky Chic.
Lolita fashion is inspired by the clothing of Victorian women and children. It often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls. Other influences include goth style, horror movies, the punk subculture and anime characters.

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