Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shopaholic Thursday!

I have two events planned for May, that require careful wardrobe planning.
OMG! Diana Ross is coming to Radio City Music Hall, May 19th
..... and Sex and the City II opens on May 28th!
What a month?!

So... both events need fantastic accessories, and I'll be shopping at
Patricia Field Online - the New York stylist from Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Devil Wears Prada's online boutique ....and my go to shop for all things sparkly.

Right now, I'm thinking these shoes for Diana, cause they are Fie -yah! ........ with jeans, a cute little shirt, and work the makeup (thinking feather eyelashes for this event). I'll feel very 'me' ...very quietly though, I've been pondering a reinvention, what if I went for an airy little dress, fishnets and bad girl shoes? .....Hmmmmm, a little out of my comfort zone (not practical for embarking/disembarking a NYC taxi) but its an option that's on the table. We'll see.

Buy $148

For the Sex and the City event (BTW scheduling a time and day when all of my Bezzie Mates can attend, has been a nightmare, sigh)
....maybe, a Carrie necklace (to literal?) or this Rhinestone Fleur Double Ring. It's a perfect night for a big cocktail bauble, think about how many pictures we'll take with a raised martini glass, mmm hmmm see? Ya need a ring!
Buy $18.

.....these Ankle Ski Heels and a smoky eye.
Buy $48

I'm open to all suggestions, feel free to comment.

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