Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Painted by Renee

I just received a wonderful gift, and it was packaged soooo beautifully.
Thanks Jenn!

.... By the way, if you can send your friend a gift, just because, .... do it! It's an amazing thing all the way around. And if I may make a suggestion, make it something small and personal, like ... a lip gloss, or nail polish in the hottest new color (it's putty this season)... honestly it's the best thing ever. Give it a try.

So, back to my beautifully packaged gift, .... after I had the heart to untie the perfect bows, clutch the pearls, and do the 'Home Alone' face, I was facebooking my friend... "and where did you get this beautiful card and tag?". So good to have friends with style, she pointed me in the direction of a cool little Etsy shop, filled to the brim with over the top, gorgeous, cheeky little French images.

Painted by Renee!

...And Renee's work has been featured on the Christopher Lowell show! I used to watch this show a LOT, but not in a regular fan kind of way, I always caught it while I was surfing early afternoon, waiting for Oprah or an episode of Full Frontal Fashion, and I loved it!

My Tag:

My Card:

What I'm buying to go along with my gifts:

Packaging matters.... wink.


  1. Rhonda,
    Thank you so much for this article on my shoppe! I am so blown away! You are very generous!

    I love making my customers(and their friends) happy and I'm thrilled you were pleased with your gift.
    I look forward to having you as a new customer of mine. Thanks again, you have a terrific blog site. xo Renee

  2. Thanks Renee. I'm going to sit down on Sunday and really shop through Painted by Renee piece by piece. I'm sure that I'll need a few of those lovely journals for Mother's Day, and tags and cards to match. Keep Painting!
    Rhonda aka Style Shepherd