Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This weeks winners are AIK and Lyudmila! Congratulations!
..... And this is a second win for AIK, soooo lucky!

Speaking of lucky, today and only today until 11:59PM EST,
John Wind - Maximal Art facebook fan page is giving away a fantastic Good Luck Enhancer. The rules are really simple, you have to be a fan, and leave a comment under the giveaway about your favorite Maximal Art jewelry.

One of my favorite bloggers, Stylist Diva is in the running to become the next curv-a-licious Old Navy SuperModelquin! C'mon Bloggers and Blog fans let's support our own.

And a new feature is being added to The Style Shepherd,
'Profile Pic of the Week!'

Send in your pics to This is my first facebook profile pic, I call it Incognito.

Stay Fabulous!!!

Rhonda Ryan, PR - Maximal Art

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