Saturday, February 6, 2010

Looking forward to Spring....

.... a long snowy day in Philadelphia, everyone is snowed in and the blogs, the facebook status updates, and the tweets have been fantastic. Nothing like a little cabin fever to stir creativity I guess. ..... and since I work from home, tapping away on my Mac, I say, let it snow let it snow let it snow.

.... yes let it snow, and even though I'm still looking for a great pair of distressed military inspired flat boots (and I will find them), its time to look forward to spring.

.... this spring I need/want a few pairs of light weight wide legged denim jeans to be paired with an asymetrical or handkerchief hemmed blouse or dress that can double as a long shirt, paired with flats or wedges and a cotton blazer for day ...and with brown or nude fishnets for texture, and my favorite pair of stilts for evening.

.... like this beautiful dress from Givenchy Spring 2010 rtw.... actually, this is very snowflake inspired.

or this one from Akira Chicago, my new favorite online haunt.

Love Spring! .... and can't wait to help the economy by spending some money! LOL

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