Sunday, January 3, 2010

Natalie Sharar

I Looooove to spread the news about a wonderful artist. Ladies and Gentlemen, ... Natalie Sharar.

I met Natalie through her very popular blog Anthropologie Addict, .... she is quite the stylista, .... there are not many people that I would trust to dress me from head to toe, but if Natalie ever becomes a stylist, I will become a faithful customer. .... Not sure how likely that is to happen, Natalie's art may take her into another direction.

This painting is one of my very very favorites.... love the eyes.

Natalie began to paint when she was about four years old, she vividly remembers making up stories, flip books, and illustrating them for her Mother and having the best drawing of a bunny in third grade (smile). She really started to paint seriously in high school and is being classically trained in college at Riverside Community.

Like many artist her influences are wide and varied, but the artists who influence her the most are Michael Hussar, Odd Nerdrum, and Lucien Frued. When you check them out you'll see that they all, like Natalie, express themselves strongly through portraits and in oil.

If you are a long time follower of The Style Shepherd Blog, you already know that I'm very interested in the 'creative process', so of course I asked Natalie about her process:

"I set up my paint and my eyes and hands do the rest of the work for ipod helps too."

If only all of our inspiration came so simply ... it would change the world.

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  1. I'm a follower. My favourite jewelry designer is Rebekah Green and Marlo Noel.

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  2. Oh, I really would like this!
    I have a region free DVD player!

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  3. Wow! That first painting is gorgeous!

    I follow your blog. Hard to pick my favorite artist of all artists, so I'll just share the one that is currently wowing me:

    Thanks for the chance!
    Kelly @ TLE
    thelostearring at yahoo dot com

  4. Thankyou Rhonda for this beautiful, loveley post! I can't thankyou enough for the exposure and kind words. And who knows maybe life will lead me to be a stylist, because I'll always be a painter!

    Love- Natalie Sharar

  5. Oh Thank YOU Natalie, for letting us enjoy your work.

  6. i love this movie! its awesome :-D x

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