Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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I've had some mint tea, and cuddled up on the couch to watch the sun go down and watch the downtown Philadelphia lights began their nightly twinkle.  I'm feeling fortunate to have experienced Valentino: The Last Emperor.

By the end of this movie there were more than a few tears shed and tissues destroyed.... Ooooh the drama. Giggle. I'm laughing now at how caught up I can become in a movie... but I hold fast to the true emotion this movie stirred. I understand all to well how much of your whole being we (creative types) put into our work.

Andre Leon Talley put it best when describing Emperor Valentino's last runway masterpiece:
Every dress, every girl, every moment of a feather or a ruffle, but there's so much restraint and exuberance... that pink thing that looked like.. it's just another break through moment here... triumph of the will... triumph of the will... the will to continue to be.
The artist, becomes immortal in his work, 'the will to continue to be'.  The gift of everlasting life is in our creativity. 


Monday, December 28, 2009

Style Shepherd Musings

All my facebookees The Pink Chalet sells the most beautiful girlie accessories and doodads. Their fan page has a Great Giveaway!

December Facebook Give Away: Vera Bradley Hold That Thought Journal in Hope Garden, Binder Clips and a Card Holder in Hope Garden. To enter, just leave a comment under the picture. They will draw a winner at the end of the month! Good luck to everyone!!
Add a comment to enter The Pink Chalet contest.
**But hurry... their drawing is at the end of the month, it's already December 30th!**

Hannah! Thank you sooo much, I am drooling over these earrings. Macha Jewelry

Daya! How fantastic is Marzio Fiorini? I want everyone to check them out, I couldn't choose one picture. FAB!

Thank you Kym! Love The Mama Bird Necklace.... sTuckintheCoop's Etsy shop is really cool.

Amber, you obviously know how much I love a cluster of chains... window shopping on the K-Amato site, is my new favorite pastime.

Thank you, Audrey... where would any of us bloggers be without your wonderful giveaways! Let's be honest, most of us start our day there, it's a wonderful way to start the morning.
Thanks to Audrey's Giveaways, I'm going to get a free tea sample on my Birthday! Yay!

When I grow up, I want my blog to be this cool.... Love Joy Junket! ...especially their profile of a creative genius like John Wind.

Love what I learn from The Style Shepherd followers, and these four blogs are so inspiring.

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

Friday, December 25, 2009

Mad About Mixing it......

Happy New Year!

2009 was the year of the alchemist.... mixing bronze, silver, copper, gold,... antiqued, asymmetrical, in knots, in braids, and even mixed with pearls. Those who excited us enough to open our discerning wallets in these recessionary times, are the mixologist. They've concocted jewelry that will one day be passed on to our Granddaughters (and Grandsons), and with a flippant, 'at the end of the decade we were all mad about mixing it' we will wrap their necks, wrists and fingers in silvers and golds.
Oscar de la Renta Mixed Metal Flower Bib Necklace $1,190 BUY

The Million Strand Bib Necklace $58 BUY
This is a great necklace! So easy to get a lot of wear out of this one, .... tucked under a crisp blazer, with your favorite LBD, or with a simple white tee.

Twisted Silver, was brought to my attention by Anne, last week's winner. Very tough girl fashionista chic. Soooo beautiful! ... and again, another very versatile piece.

Attitude Bracelet $60 BUY

It can be hard to find your footing when mixing metals, especially when the occasion is not conducive to a fashion girls creativity. These are Good Rules for Mixing Gold and Silver from the You Look Fab Blog's Ask Angie.

Special for the Style Shepherd flock:

You must be a follower of Style Shepherd, post a comment and a link to your favorite jewelry designer, and I will randomly pick (put all the names in a hat, close my eyes, and dig in) one of you to win this wonderful mixed metal necklace from HLO Creations. You have until Saturday January 2nd, 11:59 pm to participate. The winner will be chosen on Sunday morning. Best of luck!

Ingredients: hammered sterling silver round pendant, hammered copper links, antiqued copper chain, jump rings and lobster clasp.

This necklace is 18" long (can be shortened if needed) and the pendant hangs just 1" from the middle of the chain.

Increase your chances by commenting more than once!

You can also find Style Shepherd contest on

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Locket Love

I love the mystery of a locket.
What's inside, a picture of your sweet little niece, or the love of your life?

A Brief History of Lockets - History

Of course the first locket most of us remember is the tiny little heart or oval locket we all received as a birthday gift, sometime between first and fifth grade.... and they still make these sweet little baubles, still time to order one before Xmas.

And then you grow up... Two Toned Diamond Locket. Buy $3,200

Love diamonds! ... But really, most days I'm trying to work a cool urban downtown look.

These are some of my favorites.....

Asymmetrical Cloisonne Necklace. Buy $49

This Chloe Locket is so me... I love the dainty flowers, paired with the rough finish on the chain... and it's only $25 Buy

Channel Marilyn, with this lovely modern locket from Urban Rose $8. Buy

Love these little recycled magnetic lockets. Perfect for tooling around town on a Saturday morning, in your 'casuals'.
Lucky Buddha Lockets $18. Buy

Special for the Style Shepherd flock:

You must be a follower of Style Shepherd, post a comment and a link to your favorite jewelry designer, and I will randomly pick (put all the names in a hat, close my eyes, and dig in) one of you to win this wonderful John Wind / Maximal Art vintage inspired bracelet.... pretty enough to use as an ornament ($85). Good luck! Drawing is on December26th! Buy more jewelry like this:

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

Monday, December 14, 2009

All I want to give for Christmas....

Roped Posies Necklace $38. Buy

Terry Dixon Limited Edition Print - The Conversation $175. Buy

Alexus Platform Chelsea Boot. £80.00 Buy

Rosenthal Studio Fast Vase $160. Buy

Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Film Stills $28. Buy