Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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I've had some mint tea, and cuddled up on the couch to watch the sun go down and watch the downtown Philadelphia lights began their nightly twinkle.  I'm feeling fortunate to have experienced Valentino: The Last Emperor.

By the end of this movie there were more than a few tears shed and tissues destroyed.... Ooooh the drama. Giggle. I'm laughing now at how caught up I can become in a movie... but I hold fast to the true emotion this movie stirred. I understand all to well how much of your whole being we (creative types) put into our work.

Andre Leon Talley put it best when describing Emperor Valentino's last runway masterpiece:
Every dress, every girl, every moment of a feather or a ruffle, but there's so much restraint and exuberance... that pink thing that looked like.. it's just another break through moment here... triumph of the will... triumph of the will... the will to continue to be.
The artist, becomes immortal in his work, 'the will to continue to be'.  The gift of everlasting life is in our creativity. 



  1. Ek! I'm dying, it's only open to US Residents!

  2. Oh No! Really? A Valentino Giveaway should be world wide.