Sunday, December 20, 2009

Locket Love

I love the mystery of a locket.
What's inside, a picture of your sweet little niece, or the love of your life?

A Brief History of Lockets - History

Of course the first locket most of us remember is the tiny little heart or oval locket we all received as a birthday gift, sometime between first and fifth grade.... and they still make these sweet little baubles, still time to order one before Xmas.

And then you grow up... Two Toned Diamond Locket. Buy $3,200

Love diamonds! ... But really, most days I'm trying to work a cool urban downtown look.

These are some of my favorites.....

Asymmetrical Cloisonne Necklace. Buy $49

This Chloe Locket is so me... I love the dainty flowers, paired with the rough finish on the chain... and it's only $25 Buy

Channel Marilyn, with this lovely modern locket from Urban Rose $8. Buy

Love these little recycled magnetic lockets. Perfect for tooling around town on a Saturday morning, in your 'casuals'.
Lucky Buddha Lockets $18. Buy

Special for the Style Shepherd flock:

You must be a follower of Style Shepherd, post a comment and a link to your favorite jewelry designer, and I will randomly pick (put all the names in a hat, close my eyes, and dig in) one of you to win this wonderful John Wind / Maximal Art vintage inspired bracelet.... pretty enough to use as an ornament ($85). Good luck! Drawing is on December26th! Buy more jewelry like this:

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art


  1. Increase your chances by commenting more than once. Good Luck!

  2. They are lovely just look at them
    And by the way thanks for commenting on my blog follow it if you like it.
    Jasmine @

  3. Love The Inevitable World of fashion blog! I posted it on my facebook page as one of my favorite blogs, I did try to follow but I couldn't find the icon. I'll try again. What's your favorite jewelry designer and add a link to this blog so you can be in the running to win a bracelet?

  4. wow I love the Asymmetrical Cloisonne Necklace so pretty, thanks for the heads up rhonda! My favorite jewelry designer is..Jay Strongwater, he makes all kinds of things though with painted pretty

  5. wow that Chloe Locket is amazing! although not strictly a jewelry designer Folk Craft does alot of accessories and her Cuffs are to die for! Currently my favourite Designer, right after Betsy Johnson and Alexandre McQueen! :P

    Anna- perfectbluemoon@gmail[dot]com

  6. That is amazing!! Loved reading the info too! My favorite jewelry designer is actually a neighbor girl :)
    She has the most wonderful ideas and designs, I buy most of my items from her.

    audreyscountrycrafts at gmail dot com

    I also have a give away blog - if you are every interested in having one there contact me!

  7. Thanks Audrey! I will definitely look into your giveaways... Thank you!

  8. Perfect Blue Moon, I start at Etsy when I want something cool. Love Etsy.

  9. Etsy if full of treasures. I really like the jewelry from New Fashioned Whispers.
    ghainskom at yahoo dot com

  10. I am a blog follower!

    I love this Esty Designer

    I love the look of this bracelt! What a great display piece or a special night out


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  12. thank you ry for including my chloe locket...why do things always look better in someone else's blog? :D

    also pleased to read a few positive notes about my design...tho i've never heard of pangaea designs.

  13. Ohhhh! .... so sorry, Ellen, I thought I found the Chloe locket on 1,000 Markets. Where can we buy it? Post your link.

  14. I'm a follower. My favorite jewelry designers are Marlo Noel and Rebekah Green.

    Marlo Noel:

    Rebekah Green:

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  15. I love Debra Sheperd's work...she founded Twisted Silver!

    I fillow your blog

    (in Canada)

  16. julzjewelzbyJC's is one of my favorite jewelry designers~She makes beautiful jewelry!!

    I also follow you with Goggle{deb K}


  17. Lulubug jewelry is one of my very favorites!

    I'm a google follower.

  18. Incredibly beautiful, original work!

  19. My favorite will always be Harry Winston!


  20. One of my favorite Etsy designers is 2ReVert. They create recycled skateboard jewelry. Very fun and unique!


  21. I now follow your blog! My favorite designer? I hate to narrow it down! I love the jewelry at To expensive for my tastes though!
    cspmom at gmail dot com

  22. I have been on John Wind's site many times before. His work is wonderful.
    cspmom at gmail dot com

  23. @ Cindy, Can't go wrong with Harry Winston... @Jennifer, or John Wind.

  24. Thanks for participating everyone! We have a winner! Anne1!