Monday, November 23, 2009

Desk Sides....

So..... on a business trip to NYC last Thursday for 'desk sides' (as they call it in the biz), I took lunch at Bar III, a very intimate, super cool, Mad Men-esque, bar/restaurant in Bergdorf's for Men.

Single ladies, looking for that special someone to put a ring on it? There was plenty of eye candy with swagger, strolling through Bergdorf's. Fortunately, I've already snagged a younger man (I'm not a cougar, ... not that there's anything wrong with that, ROAR if you got'em) who has a wicked sense of humor, so REALLY I was only thinking of YOU. ...just browsing through the catalog with no intentions to buy. ... OK before we get sidetracked....

The highlight of the day was the 'desk sides'. I heart fashion people! The magazine editors we met at the Hearst Tower and the Time Warner building were fantastic. As a matter of fact I crossed paths with Gayle King (Editor at Large of O, The Oprah Magazine and Oprah's BFF).

Definition of Crossed Paths:

Me - screaming across the Mezzanine of the Hearst Tower
"Hi Gayle!"
Ms. King - a really friendly smile, and a full on wave back as if she really knew me. How sweet and generous was that?

Then John had to wait for me to text and twitter every person that I know, because its to dangerous for me to walk and twitter at the same time. Trust me on this. Crossing paths with Ms. King, had me standing straighter in my oxford inspired high heeled booties (on sale at for the rest of the afternoon.... fabulous to see Sistahs doin' it for themselves. Speaking of standing straighter, I still have a sore achilles but it didn't stop me from gettin' my strut on, I love a high heel!

*Side Bar - I learned on Body Beautiful by Allegra that wearing high heels shortens your achilles tendon, and when you're injured you should really wear flats..... Thank the fashion Gods that some really beautiful flats are available this season. I've got my eye on some gold jewel toned flats from Banana Republic... found them on

.... so I'll be standing 6'3" only when its absolutely necessary.

Before heading for home, John and I took a quick tour of Bergdorf's and Henri Bendel's where coincidentally we ran into one of his fabulous friends. Nima creates really beautiful home accessories, .... I bought a gorgeous silver crown ornament from her.

.... See, now that would have been enough, but then John treated me to an exhibit at the International Center of Photography, It was Uh! May! Zing! The exhibit is called Dress Codes. I was really moved by the artists Cindy Sherman, Pinar Yolacan, and Zhou Tao, ....I also added 'The Disco Files' by Vince Aletti to my Christmas List, the gift shop was filled to the brim with so many amazing books. I can't wait to see the next exhibit.

..... couldn't have asked for more!

I took a little hiatus from The Style Shepherd, but I've been so inspired by so many fantastic blogs that I had to start writing again. These are some of my favorites.,,,,..... I could go on and on. I'm also inspired by Faye Penn's writting for In Style Magazine. And that Erin Kaplan and Kelly Cutrone on The City, watching those two work always makes me want to work harder LOL ...a little peek at my Tuesday nights? The City and a cup of mint tea... mmm hmmm, the glamorous life, LOL.

'til next time!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Rhonda Ryan
PR - Maximal Art

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