Saturday, April 11, 2009


We all wore a badge last year, to laud our political candidates. Our new First Lady has raised the brooch wearing bar to modern heights...

A pin works for everyone from Rocker Chic, to Haute Couture. Clasp them in your hair, pin one to your collar, use them as belt buckles and button them to your shoes..... My favorite brooch is the Chanel Camellia Flower, the perfect corsage....

Speaking of Chanel, Karl Largerfeld waved his magic wand and showed us how to wear laser cut paper as a hair accessory!

And then walking past Macy's in Philadelphia... Paper Flowers! A trend?

With the unpredictable spring weather in the City of Brotherly Love, you may need to have something a little more substantial than paper.

Fortunately, I have the stamina to ravage every flea market, bazzaar and open market that I can get to, and that has put more than a few vintage pieces in my greedy little hands... these are the pins that I'll be exhausting this season.

Much as I love the ones that I have, there are quite a few brooches that I'd like to add to my collection -

I can wear this John Wind Skull and Cross Bones with a wife beater or a little black dress.

I'd like this Mathew Williamson to tuck in my hair, or to brighten up a canvas shopping tote.

Tiffany and Co..... Platinum, Kunzite, and Diamond Bow, ...... Exhale.

Capture the moment and fasten a brooch over your heart ......