Friday, February 13, 2009


My good friend and sculptor Loraine has gathered some of her creative friends via email for a craft swap. We made hats! This is how it works: she pairs us up, decides on a time frame, we exchange addresses, likes and dislikes, favorite colors, etc. After we exchange hats, a photo of each artist in their hat is posted on your social network of choice... we are using Flicker for this one. This is a picture of me in the hat I made!

Try this at home! Most of us have to be commercially creative to make a living, but just being creative for no other reason than ... life, changes your brain chemistry for the better (disclaimer: that's just my opinion).

... so Carbon Foot Prints!!! While I contemplate my carbon footprint and write this blog, a documentary on Israeli furrier Stephan Braun plays in the background. See, that's how my life is. I'm in limbo, part of me is so earth friendly and part of me loves leather handbags and fake fur. I know my hard core veggie fashionista's are rolling their eyes, ... and want to smack me with a hemp tote filled with non animal tested cosmetics (you know who you are), ......but have patience, I'll get there. By the way, the earth friendly fashion designers are putting out some pretty amazing things, ... Stella McCartney has become one of my favorites.

But wait a minute this is about carbon foot prints. Reading about our American life style (thanks for all the articles) has been eye opening and made me very self conscious about the things I do and how it affects the earth.... I know, I know, it's so 'trendy' to be green, and watching fashion trends like I do, I think seasons of excess are in our future and much of our 'be green' will be lost, but ..... right now all of that responsibility has had a snowball affect on other areas of my life.
Spiritually - meditating every morning, yoga... financially - separate accounts for bills, making regular donations... amazing, really life changing. Speaking of being responsible financially and environmentally, a funny thing happened to me at the grocery:

Alright, so you know that I keep a separate accounts ... after paying all the bills on line, and feeling great because there's still money left over. Which means we're really saving energy.... fantastic....... I decide to take that extra money ($200) to the Fresh Grocer (Spend! Stimulate the economy! ). We need raisin, date and walnut oatmeal, the cappuccino flavored hot chocolate, popcorn,.... I'm just grabbing stuff, price is no object, my responsible lifestyle has given me this freedom. Finally, I get up to the counter and I stop the girl who was bagging my groceries, because I brought my own earth friendly shopping bags, no need to waste the plastic,... she and the cashier roll their eyes at each other and the bagger walks away,........................ Where is she going? WTF? I didn't mean I wanted to bag it, I just don't want to waste the plastic! Ohhhhh kaaayyyy, whatever, I can bag my own stuff,... cashier asks if I have a fresh grocer card, yes I do, she swipes it, I finish bagging and walk away.
"Scuse me? Miss.... You didn't pay".
Oops!!! I switch back to the counter, slow too, 'cause I'm still irritated by the bagger, I swipe my card.
"Debit or credit?"
"Your card is declined do you wanna try credit?"
Now the bagger is back, she wants to watch this recycling Biatch go down.
I poke my lips out and roll my eyes, like I do 'cause I know they did something to the cash register.
"No... let's try again."
I got all day.... you wanna play games? Bring it.
Cashier swings the screen towards me, - DECLINED.- right there in green neon.
Deep breath. Whooo Sahhhh. I put my green 'Save the Earth' bag on the belt and rock my neck, "Where is your ATM?"
Both of them stand there looking pleased and point to the left, like synchronized swimmers. Whatevah..... I got money, and I don't give two shits about holding your line up.

Long story short, I have $32 in that account. OMJ!!!! I know I didn't carry the 1 or divide by 2 or something 'cause .... I swore I had $200 in there. Whatevahhhhh......, I'll use my ..... other .... card....Ugh! That is still at home in my everyday clutch. Damn! I took $20 out and dug through my pockets and purse for the other $24.12..... thank God for those 6 laundry quarters.

The elderly lady behind me was so sweet.... '"you OK? Do you have enough, Baby?", taking out her little zippered shell shaped purse. Ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.!!!!!!!!

Kept my head up, checked my make-up in the security monitor, Ryan has left the building. Then I laughed like a hyena for two blocks.

There are at least a thousand websites for checking your carbon footprint, do it! .... and many more on the damage the fashion industry has done to our earth as well. Google away, and raise your consciousness.


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