Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oscars 2007

Sorry, I didn't get back to you right away. Kate Capshaw was the most chic and daring, hands down, in Armani Prive'. Every designer will be inspired by that sheer over sequin number, including me. Djimon, looked good in that chocolate. Jennifer Hudson looked liked Judy Jetson in that jacket, but she looked fab onstage. Gwyneth looked very womanly and shapely in Zac Posen. I'm so happy that she's not doing the 'princess' thing. She needs some cutlets in the bra though, just to fill her out a little. Rachel Weiss in Vera Wang. Fab. A lot of people didn't like the big necklace with it, I did. Yes, it was OTT (over the top), but this is the Oscars. Speaking of over the top. Nicole Kidman. Gorgeous dress, didn't need the bow that looked like her Siamese twin looking over her shoulder. Beyonce looked a hot mess. It was Armani, but I could have sworn it was the House of Dereon. Merryl.... well she looked....crazy. Penelope Cruz. It must have looked better in person 'cause all the fashion pundits were swooning but I just,..... it was OK. How 'bout the former Mrs. Edmonds with the mirrors on her chest, she needed Jesus. Kate Winslet was just to plain, it was pretty, but she could have just as easily been going to Aunt Sadie's wedding reception. George Clooney is trying so hard to do Clark Gable. Hmmmm.... the comb over hair thing with the severe side part was part of Leo's 'do' too. Naomi Watts. Pretty. But... didn't we see that dress last year on someone? Helen Mirren! I should be so lucky to look that vibrant at that age. I like the way she's keepin' it kinda young instead of going handsomely chic, like many icons do after a 'certain' age. Why didn't the girls from the Devil Wears Prada, wear Prada? Emily Blunt in Calvin Klein looked good, but not Fab. Calvin Klein looks so 'Department Store' these days. Hope you had as much fun watching as I did. I'd like to thank the Academy, for another year of red carpet glory.

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