Thursday, February 12, 2009


I've been thinking about image a lot these days. And how we are perceived? ..... by our colleagues, family, .... old friends, new friends... on facebook, .... Youtube.... in shape, out of shape? How close is all of that to who I really am? If you could see me shopping on-line, in a semi lotus position, in pajamas and my boyfriend's socks..... would you think - 'That's a successful business woman!'

* His socks are soooo comfy. (Get the kind that soccer players wear for games) Shhhhh, never tell, but this is the reason he can never find them.*

We've all been watching the Obamas and .... OK before I finish that thought, all politics aside, Barack Hussein Obama is the 44Th President of the United States. Amazing. Uh - Maze - Zing..... So.... where was I? .... Right, so we've been watching the Obamas and they have a certain personal style that befit a President and First Lady, but they also exude a kind of young, coolness too. I'm wondering, how far could they stray from that? I mean, lets say I meet all the other qualifications, could I be president with my 'Boon Docks' hair -

Need to go to Michelle's shop - - and get some twists or something. I'm so lazy with my hair, when I leave the house, it usually doesn't look much different from when I get out of bed.

So..... with my big natural hair (that I have grown to love) and big Hollywood Sunglasses?...... What would the American People think about their President sitting front row at Fashion Week ...'Cause if I'm the President of the free world, ya think I'll still be watching Fashion Week on, Hellz no. Actually, we could spin that .... 'supporting business and the fashion industry... I could tack on a little cause du jour and voila, still doing my duty. How would we feel about President Ryan ordering $4,000 gowns and having the presidential motorcade stop at Prada Soho? I mean does that have any bearing on what kind of President I am. Oh Jesus! Would I have to get married? Or... could I take my beloved live-in along. I can imagine him getting the Secret Service together for a pick up game on the White House Lawn. Anyway my point is.... what is my point? No... there aren't any conclusions or revelations, just.... I've been thinking about image, and how we use it, .... sell it..... exploit it ... and its consequences.

I wonder what people see, ... Am I selling an image? I know one thing, I haven't been looking like a designer lately (Still unpacking! When will it end?).

So.... how did all this pondering come about? James Waddington III posted this picture of me on facebook. It was the first time I had ever seen it. When I look at this girl...... I don't have the words, I'll try, ... this image is a reflection of me that I haven't seen in a long time. Thanks James.

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