Thursday, February 12, 2009

At the DMV

So... yesterday I went to the DMV to get my ID changed, yes.... I've moved! Anyway more about that when I finally write my New Years Blog. So... went in gave my $12 money order (why can't they just take my card? Huh?) got a number, filled out the form and waited my turn. All around the the 'institution green' walls were little signs to help you follow the rules, - Make sure you are aware of what number you have - Listen for your number or name - Please have your forms filled out before you get to the window - We politely ask that you do not use your cell phone - Put your Cell phones on silent. Very simple. Then why are people running around doing everything wrong. Listen for your number and name! Why are you filling out your form and walking up to the window. Why do you snap out when you get to the window and are reseated because your form is not filled out. Oh My Jesus! At this point I have my lips poked out, arms folded, completely above the peons below me, and so irritated. And then from somewhere deep in the recessives of my studded leather tote, come the distinct styling of Jay-Z. "No one on the corner got swaggah like us, swaggah like us" Damn. How 'bout I didn't turn my cell phone off and of course its at the bottom of my bag. Now security is giving me the crooked eye. So I start laughing like a hyena and can't stop. It was a mad house!

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