Monday, February 23, 2009

Academy Awards 2009

Imagine getting ready for an event, where millions of pictures will be taken of you, from every angle, instantly broadcast around the world (maybe there's a 7 second delay) and you'll have no say in which ones get published ......... Lot of pressure.

So.... how would I get ready? First thing I'd do is make an appointment with my stylist! Make sure I'm their only priority on Oscar Night. Hold on,.... I can be my own stylist!

'He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.'

Make an appointment with my stylist.

***.....Now there's a whole 'nother Kimono .... how do you pick a stylist in the first place? ....And then there's hair and make-up ........and jewelry....... and contracts written in blood.... *****.

I would look at a million gowns, and I'd take pictures inside and outside and look at it on film, in bright lights, under an umbrella..... from the front, the back, profiles... left and right.... and then I'd pray.

Miley Cyrus.... this is a young woman trying to break free of the cash cow Hannah Montana, hence the nearly nude pictures and the big girl gowns. She wants Hollywood Casting to see her in a different light. The dress is perfectly lovely.....remember the character Lena Lamont (Singin' in the Rain),..??.... poised and sophisticated, ......and then she speaks.... Yeah, that's how Miley affects me. I digress, the dress was insane with detail, and fit her perfectly.

Zuhaire Murad

And then there was a slightly older Princess, the Sex and the City Fashionista herself, SJP, wearing a very similar silhouette. Gorgeous!

These ladies showed off all kinds fabulosity. Taraji P. Henson (Roberto Cavalli/Fred Leighton) and...

Viola Davis in Reem Acra.... Fantastic! This is the way you do Hollywood Glamour! But.....I've seen this dress before..No?... I don't mean the obvious 'Marilyn' comparison, someone wore this at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala...????

Aha!! This is what I was thinking of, Naomi Watts at the Met in Thierry Mugler, different dress but still serving up old Hollywood Glamour.

OK, back to the Oscar's !

The straight off the runway girls were Heidi Klum (Roland Mouret), who surprised me, she looked very high fashion,

Tilda Swinton who always takes a risk and ends up looking like ....only moments ago she'd been ripped away from some edgy fashion shoot,

Amy Adams (Carolina Herrera) showed us real statement jewelry (Fred Leighton),

Diane Lane,..... to bad, the cameras didn't pick up all the detail in that beautiful dress ..... the color was wrong, speaking of cameras picking up detail, Marisa Tomei did a neutral gown by Versace,which showed every perfect origami fold

..... Kate Winslet (YSL) gets a nod for her fantastic hair, ... should have shared her hair team with the incomparable Meryl Streep, because other than the matronly do, she looked very fresh and modern... and Heath Ledgers Mother!... don't know who she was wearing but I loved it.

The Prom/Wedding Ladies

definition - Ladies who looked pretty but we've seen these dresses at proms
and weddings.

Queen Latifah and Natalie Portman... very pretty.... Yawn.

Looooooove Beyonce, Loooooove Sophia Loren, both of them are beautiful women but on this occasion, I only have two words for them.... Spaghetti Western.

When Brad and Angelina emerged from their Limo... I screamed! OMJ!!!! I've seen this act before...............

81st Academy Awards

77th Academy Awards

My Favorite moment of the Red Carpet - Tilda Swinton!!!
Mickey Rourke - "Jean Paul Gaultier did me a real solid"

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