Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 Golden Globes

This is the year of statement jewelry. Thank God, because I love a big bauble... or two. Loooooooved the jewelry on the Golden Globe carpet. The dresses? Not so much.
There was a flood of ecru, oatmeal, nude, almost gray, almost white, neutral frocks. To be fair, two of them were fantastic, but... if this blog had sound effects ... insert snore here.

With all the bold jewelry, the stylist played it safe with the dresses. I know it's the most pupil dilating, anxiety attacking experience to style a star for the red carpet, but if that's what you do... why play it so safe? OK, let's not make this about the stylist, .... let's face it, we've all strutted out the door in some monstrosity, and had we had a stylist, that terrible moment of catching your reflection in Macy's window and thinking "Who? What the hell am I wearing?", could have been avoided.

So my favorites of the oatmeal brigade are (drum roll) ...

America Ferrera in Oscar de la Renta

And Eva Mendes in Christian Dior.

The women who really showed their high fashion IQ were -

Maggie Gyllenhaal
 Ya know it's not for the masses, but does she follow fashion and understand what looks good on her? Yes. Absolutely. She's an intelligent fashion girl and a serious actress. AND.. after sitting front row in Paris and at NY fashion week, there is no way she's getting gussied up like a Disney Princess for the red carpet. I get it. The fashion people who said she was under dressed, are a bunch of ... let's be polite, .. they're misinformed. It's Lanvin BTW and I didn't catch who's fantastic earrings those are. Email me.

I loved Marisa Tomei as well. I do think the sleeves were two ruffles too much, but .... it was a very smart 'woman' silhouette. At the end of the day, isn't that what we all want? Smart and womanly?

How about Drew Barrymore, channeling Marilyn Monroe? It worked! Who would have guessed?

Beyonce and
JLo, we've seen these dresses before, no?

red carpets to come, can't wait!!!

Oh and the Obama and Biden dresses!!!! Ah...... fashion.

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